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Tech One Aviation Consulting

Based in Savannah Georgia, Tech One Aviation Consulting specializes in a wide range of aviation services including Asset Management (Lease Returns & Pre-buy Inspections), Operational Safety Auditing, (IS-BAO) (IS-BAH) for Business Aviation. Technical and Regulatory Support with FAA Repair Station and Approved Manuals.  Tech One utilizes experienced professionals with extensive expertise in their particular field  (flight operations, maintenance and safety) to provide the type of support that your organization needs.

Our team of professionals have been providing this expertise and experience to the aviation industry for many years and can share this experience and knowledge with you and provide you with the advice that will benefit to your organization.

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Savannah, Georgia, USA


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Range of Services 

Asset Management 

Tech One has extensive experience in asset management and provides financial institutions, leasing companies and aircraft brokers with detailed information of an aircraft's physical condition and compliance status. This includes an in-depth inspection of  the aircraft records and physical condition for lease return or pre-buy assessment.

FAR Part 145 & EASA Part 145 Manuals 

Tech One can provide advice and support with Part 145 Repair Station applications including preparation of the required manuals. Additionally it can assist with the EASA MAG Supplement application for existing Repair Stations.

IS-BAO  Safety Audits

Tech One is an accredited audit organization with the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) and is qualified to perform IS-BAO & IS-BAH audits for the business aviation industry. Tech One Auditors are also qualified to perform Safety Management System (SMS) audits for Operators and Maintenance Organizations.

Technical Support (Aircraft Inspections)

Tech One can provide technical support for maintenance organizations, aircraft operators and aircraft management organizations in the form of aircraft inspections, aircraft records reviews, heavy check representation and investigations.

IS-BAH Safety Audits 

Tech One can perform IS-BAH Audits for Airport Ground Handing Companies and FBO's. Additionally Tech One can provide GAP Analysis Audits to assist companies in Audit Preparation.  Tech One can perform SMS Evaluation Audits, for Maintenance Organizations, AMO's and Repair Stations to achieve SMS accreditation. 

Manual Composition

If your Organization needs assistance with manual  composition Tech One Aviation can assist with General Maintenance Manuals (GMM) Ground Handling Operations Manuals (GHOM) Training Manuals (TM) and SMS Manuals (SM)   


Tech One Aviation is committed to customer satisfaction and solidly supporting its clients.
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