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Asset Management

Asset Management

Tech One has extensive experience in all forms of asset management and has developed a standard that provides financial institutions, leasing companies and aircraft Brokers with detailed specific technical information that will enable financial forecasting and planning strategies to be accurately assessed.

This technical information is presented in a detailed formal report that gives a client an in depth technical and regulatory compliance overview, a complete aircraft physical condition inspection report, a full records review and an insight into the operator's quality and safety standards.

To maintain the value of an aircraft, financial institutions and leasing companies should be taking an entrepreneurial approach to asset management. In the new era of budget limitations and strict fiscal performance by most airlines, the primary focus is on keeping operating costs under control. One of the casualties in this process is the aircraft itself, your asset! The value can quickly be eroded by extending maintenance program inspection checks, deferring system upgrades and recommended modifications.

More than ever before, it is vitally important that financial institutions maintain a constant vigilance on the condition of their asset by having regular aircraft inspections and records audits performed on their aircraft and to ensure that the operator is in compliance with the manufacturer's maintenance program and maintaining compliance with NAA regulations.

In addition, the following services can be provided by Tech One Aviation:

  • Aircraft and Component Inspections
  • Aircraft Records Preparation
  • Airline Safety Assessments
  • Maintenance Inspection Check Representation
  • Maintenance Program and Bridging Check Assessments
  • Aircraft Component and Inventory Audits

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