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Safety Audits

Full Auditing Capabilities

In addition to Safety Audits, Tech One can provide the following auditing services:

  • Organization quality audits and assessments
  • Internal evaluation audits
  • Operational safety and technical standard audits
  • Maintenance facility audits
  • Inventory audits
  • SMS audits
  • Assistance in preparation for IS-BAO Audits
  • Assistance in preparation for IS-BAH Audits

Safety Management System (SMS) Assessment Gap Analysis

Tech One can perform an SMS Assessment Gap Analysis for Part 145 Repair Stations, Aircraft Maintenance Organizations (AMOs) and Maintenance and Repair Organizations (MROs) who need or are intending to prepare for an SMS audit.

Effective September 2016, it will be a requirement for any maintenance organization providing contracted maintenance services for an international commercial airline with an IATA IOSA accreditation, to have an effective Safety Management System (SMS) program established within the organization.

Tech One Aviation Services can provide information and assistance to Maintenance and Repair Organizations (MROs) and Part 145 Repair Station in developing a Safety Management System (SMS) suitable to the size and scope of the maintenance organization that meets the IATA requirements. Not having an SMS program in place at the time of the Airlines IOSA audit would result in the airline not being able to use the maintenance provider’s services until one has been established.

Tech One can provide experienced qualified SMS Auditors to evaluate your current level of compliance against international standards of safety management systems using the ICAO Doc 9859, to determine what changes or improvements that needs to be implemented to achieve a successful audit of your organization.

International Standard Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAH)       

Tech One can provide IS-BAH audits utilizing one qualified and accredited IS-BAH Auditor who has in-depth knowledge and experience in business aviation ground handling and servicing operations that has performed an extensive amount of operational safety audits primarily focusing on the SMS programs. 

 For those ground service providers and FBO's  seeking an in depth safety audit that will give an accurate assessment of their level of safety and compliance with the IS-BAH standards and recommended practices then Tech One we can provide this service for you.                         

Tech One does not guarantee a desired audit result or expected level of achievement, however we will work with an Operator and guide them in the right direction to enable the Operator to achieve their desired level of safety, conformity with the IS-BAH standards and appropriate stage of SMS maturity.


International Standard Business Aviation Handling (IS-BAO) 


Tech One can provide IS-BAO audits utilizing two fully qualified accredited IS-BAO Auditors who have in-depth knowledge and                      experience in business aviation operations that have performed an extensive amount of operational safety audits focusing primarily on SMS.

For those Operators seeking an in depth audit that will give an accurate assessment of their level of safety and compliance with the IS-BAO                                                                                          standards and recommended practices then this is the team for you.

                                                                               Tech One can offer competitive pricing and provide qualified IS-BAO auditors to conduct IS-BAO audits on behalf of IBAC for any corporate                                                                                     flight department or private business aviation operators worldwide