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Investigations & Assessments

Investigations & Assessments

Experience and Confidentiality

If your aviation organization is experiencing difficulties or problems that are affecting the performance or effectiveness of the organization and have been unable to be resolved internally, then it is advisable to seek outside assistance to help remedy them quickly as ignoring them will have a significant operational and financial impact in the long term.


Tech One can provide experienced auditors, who are specialists in their fields of expertise, to perform confidential independent investigations or assessments into any major internal issues that are adversely affecting the organizations ability to conduct its business to its full potential.

Some of the complex issues that can adversely compromise a company's effectiveness are:

  • Operational safety concerns
  • Accident or incidents
  • Regulation non-compliances
  • Maintenance deficiencies
  • Quality control lapses
  • Below-standard human performance or behavior
  • Lack of management accountability
  • Lack of infrastructure effectiveness
  • Inefficient control of parts and materials

The Tech One Team

Tech One Aviation can put together a team, suited for the particular issue of concern, to carry out a full investigation into a systemic problem, they will then make an accurate assessment based on their aviation expertise and industry experience.

The team will establish the root cause of the problem and develop a corrective action plan to address the deficiencies or issues affecting the company's performance. On completion of the investigation the Tech One Aviation team will make recommendations to the senior management in a formal report that will contain the necessary changes in working practices and procedures required to resolve the issue(s).

Training courses can be introduced where necessary to help implement these changes and also the introduction of a Safety Management System (SMS) tailored to suit the particular company's requirements.

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