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December 12 2017

SMS Programs For MRO's and Repair Stations

National Aviation Authorities are now requiring MRO's and Repair Stations to have an appropriate and functioning Safety Management System (SMS) in place. Tech One Aviation has extensive experience in auditing the SMS programs of commercial and business aviation operators. We can assist MRO's and Repair Stations with the development of an SMS program designed specifically for maintenance operations.


February 15 2018

IS-BAH Audits for Business Aviation Ground Support Agencies & FBO's

Tech One Aviation is now an IBAC accredited IS-BAH audit organization and is conducting IS-BAH Safety Audits on behalf of IBAC for business aviation ground handling agencies and FBO's. The IS-BAH audit is an in depth review of an organizations Safety Management System (SMS) and all aircraft ramp handling procedures including aircraft fueling, deicing, ramp safety, aircraft movement, the operation and maintenance of vehicles and ground support equipment. The main objective of the audit is to reduce accidents and aircraft damage incidents, the benefits being less injuries to personnel and a reduction in the insurance claims for damaged aircraft.     



IOSA Preparation Workshop

Tech One was recently part of an international team that performed an IOSA Preparation Workshop for an Operator in Turkey who's compliance standard was very impressive. During the review process he visited the engine overhaul shop and discussed the newly developing technology of ceramic engine bearings with the engine shop manager, these bearings are currently being tested on military aircraft.  If the tests are successful Ceramic Engine Bearing Technology will revolutionize Aero Engine development and produce significant cost and weight savings. 

Robert Edwards